Welcome to FloatGrids, the VR Design System with one purpose: Speeding up your XR UI design and development process while maintaining consistency, scalability and high quality visual UI components.

👋 Hello!

FloatGrids is an XR Design System that lives in Figma and Unity separately. FloatGrids is perfectly aligned in both platforms, which means that all the fundamentals and UI components are the same in both platforms. Same names, same structure, etc.
FloatGrids allows you to:
  • Make bulk color changes to all your components
  • Make bulk typography changes to all your components
  • Make bulk corner radius changes to all your components
  • Use ready to use panel layouts
You do it by:
  • Establishing your own color palette
  • Using FloatGrids ready-to-use fonts or adding your own
  • Choosing the layout that fits your VR app best
You can use FloatGrids as it is or you can customize it as you wish. Follow the documentation to learn more about how to get the most out of FloatGrids.