FloatGrids include in the Unity package 9 different fonts for you to choose. However you can use your own, whatever you do, you can apply it to all the UI components with a couple of clicks.

FloatGrids uses Text Mesh Pro to manage font styles. Be sure to have Text Mesh pro installed before you continue.

Font Styles

FloatGrids uses Inter as a default font. Besides, you can find another 8 fonts ready-to-use in the Unity package or use your own.

Unity Style Sheet

All the FloatGrids text styles are defined in the customized Text Mesh Style Sheet so that you can use them in Unity directly from the Inspector. Check Installation so you are sure you are using the FloatGrids Style Sheet.

Using one of the ready-to-use FloatGrids fonts

Let's see how you can start using any of the FloatGrids fonts in all your UI components in a couple of clicks.

  • Delete the current font used by Text Mesh Pro

  • Go to Edit/Project Settings/Text Mesh Pro/Settings and in Default Font Asset section select the Regular version of the font you want to use

  • Click Play and then Play again to stop the reproduction

  • All set!

Using your own font

In order to use your own font, you need to convert it to text Mesh Pro, and then apply it to Edit/Project Settings/Text Mesh pro/Settings/Default Font Asset.

  • Convert your font into Text Mesh Pro. Window/Text Mesh Pro/Font Asset Creator

  • Assign font assets to variants. Select your Regular font and assign your TMP assets to the Semi-bold (600) and Bold (700) variants

  • Go to Edit/Project Settings/Text Mesh pro/Settings/Default Font Asset and set your Regular font asset.

  • Remove the current font and all its assets from the project. Unity will replace them with your new font assets.

  • Click Play to apply the changes in the Editor.

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