Panels are where the UI resides. Use the empty panel to create new views or utilize the pre-made panels to fill them with your content. Pre-made panels adjust in size so they can be used in any layout

Use Primitives Panel prefab to customize color and border to all the variants of the panels at once. Use the variants in your scene.

Panel structure in Unity

Primitive Panel prefab

  • Primitive Panel

Find them in FloatGrids/Design System/Customization/Primitive UI Components/Panel Primitive

Panel variants

Find them in FloatGrids/Design System/UI Components/Panel

Scroll View

Use scroll prefab to be able to scroll your content in the panels.

  • Find the primitive scroll view prefab in FloatGrids/Design System/Customization/Primitive UI Components/Scroll View Primitive

  • Find the Scroll View variant in FloatGrids/Design System/UI Components/Scroll View

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