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FloatGrids includes UX features to ensure that panels are properly positioned relative to the user's point of view and that their size fits perfectly within the user's field of vision.


  • Canvas Placement Unity component

  • Panel Size Guidelines prefab

Canvas Placement Unity component

The Canvas Placement component allows you to control the three key parameters of a canvas when positioning it in front of the user: distance, scale, and height. Canvas Placement utilizes the DMM system to scale the canvas proportionally to the distance.

We recommend using a 4ΒΊ angle for UIs placed between 0.65 cm and 2 meters.

Remember to synchronize the scale with the distance to utilize the DMM system, where a pixel in Figma corresponds to a millimeter in Unity. Nevertheless, you can experiment with different scales if required.

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Panel Size Guidelines prefab

The Panel Size Guidelines prefab serves as your assistant in managing the size of the UI relative to the user.

How does it work?

Simply drag and drop the Panel Size Guidelines prefab into your scene, and it will automatically position itself to your camera using the Canvas Placement component. The prefab provides a visual representation of a grid with comfort zones, allowing you to position your UI accordingly and adjust as needed.

Find it in FloatGrids/Design System/UX Resources

Watch it in action

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