FloatGrids has 10 different styles of buttons plus three styles for icon buttons.

Use Primitives prefabs to customize all the variants at once

Use the variants in your scene

Button structure in Unity

Primitive Button prefabs

  • Primitive Large

  • Primitive Medium

  • Primitive Small

Find them in FloatGrids/Design System/Customization/Primitive UI Components/Button Primitive

Button variants

Find them in FloatGrids/Design System/UI Components/Button

Using icons in buttons in Unity

You can add icons to your button by activating the game object Icon Left/Right. It'll automatically align and respect margins.

Customization in Unity

  • Edit the Primitive Button prefab to change size, spaces, corners and font styles to all buttons at once.

  • Use -Filled sprites to change corners. Ex: use corners-8px-Filled sprite in the primitive prefabs to change all the corners to 8px.

  • Edit each variant to customize color and icons.

Good to know

Editing the corners in the Primitive Button prefabs won't work for Secondary and Outlined variants since they use outlined borders. You must edit the variants instead.

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