The Modal UI component doesn't use the Primitive/Variant system. Instead it uses two prefabs combined.
  • Modal
Find them in FloatGrids/Design System/UI Components/Modal

What does it do?

  • Modal is set by FG Panel Position component to position itself to the eye comfort area and at 1m distance from the camera.
  • Modal is set to follow the user with a smooth delay.
  • Close button is already set to close the modal.
  • Vertical layout is already set so you just have to add your content and the modal will adapt its height to it.
  • Start Moving Angle: Determine at which angle the modal have to start following the user. We recommend it to be set between 30º and 45º.
FG Modal component

How to use it

FloatGrids modals are ready to use so they will follow the camera automatically. Just drop the modal prefab in the scene and add your content in it. FloatGrids will take care of its behavior.