The FloatGrids table component is a versatile feature that enables you to swiftly generate various types of tables containing badges, profile images, action sections, or plain text.

The Table UI component uses primitive prefabs in Unity for content and header cells, for content and headers rows and for the table as such.


Responsiveness The prefab "Table" is responsive, meaning it will adapt its size to any width you decide for your table.

Cell orientation You have the flexibility to change the orientation of the cells to better align the content with the header.

Number of columns You can add as many columns as you wish; they will automatically adapt and fit to the container.

Table structure in Unity

Primitive prefabs

  • Content Cell

  • Content Row

  • Header Cell

  • Header Row

Find them in FloatGrids/Design System/Customization/UI Components/Table

Final Prefab

This is the final prefab that includes all the primitives, use it as a container for your content

  • Table

Find it in FloatGrids/Design System/UI Components/Table

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