Onboarding template is ready for you to use. Just change images and texts and indicate the steps.

What does it do?

  • It positions itself in front of the camera at 1 m distance by default. You can change this distance easily.
  • It displays the steps (Step 1 of 4) automatically.
  • It provides a list in the inspector for you to drag and drop your step in the desired position.
  • Skip onboarding action is already set so it closes the panel.

Onboarding Unity structure

  • Onboarding
    • Step 1
      • Image
      • Content
        • Counter
        • Text and actions
        • Skip button

How to add new steps?

  • Duplicate Step 1 prefab
  • Add your own content: Image and texts
  • Drag and drop the game object to desired step in the Inspector
  • FloatGrids will take care of the counter ;)

How to customize it?

  • Open the prefab Onboarding in FloatGrids/Design System/Templates/Onboarding
  • Change font styles, distances, button styles, etc