There are 3 basics steps you need to follow to install FloatGrids in Unity. As for Figma, nothing to install, just get the file!

1. Download FloatGrids

Download the Unity package to start implementing FloatGrids. Download the Figma file to start designing your app. Remember, all the font styles, color names, icons, layouts and UI components exists in both Figma and Unity under the same nomenclature.

Or get the Figma file directly from the Figma Community here

2. Import FloatGrids in Unity

FloatGrids is device agnostic so it works with any system compatible with Unity UI. However, FloatGrids Unity package uses Unity's XR Interaction Toolkit (XRI) to make the Demo work. In case you want to use the Meta SDK you can just use its own components to make it interactable.

  • Import FloatGrids package into your project or a new one

  • FloatGrids uses Text Mesh Pro with a customized Style Sheet. Find it in the Editor folder as FloatGrids Text Style Sheet

  • FloatGrids uses a build-in color palette with all the colors defined. Find it in the Editor folder as FloatGrids Color Palette

  • For better results use URP and, if possible, set Render Scale to 1.4 and anti Aliasing to 2x

  • Go to Scenes and open UI Components scene to have a big picture of all the UI components

  • Go to Scenes and open Demo Scene to take a look at all the components being used

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