Let's make this simple and quick. follow the 3 steps to set FloatGrids up and running.

Download FloatGrids

Download the Unity package to start implementing FloatGrids. Download the Figma file to start designing your app. All fundamentals and components have their twin in both platforms.

1. Install text Mesh Pro

FloatGrids uses a custom Text Mesh Pro style sheet to manage text styles. FloatGrids has 11 font styles already defined. You'll be able to select the font style you want directly from the Inspector.
In Unity, go to Window/Package Manager and install Text Mesh Pro. Be sure to Import Text Mesh Pro Essentials.

2. Assign font

Go to Edit/Project Settings/Text Mesh Pro/Settings. In the Default Font Asset section, select the Regular style of any of the FloatGrids ready-to-use font.
Be sure to choose the Rgular variant in the dropdown

3. Assign FloatGrids Style Sheet

Scroll down until the Default Style Sheet section. Select FloatGrids Style Sheet. Type it if it doesn't appears.
Click Play to see the changes applied.
Apply the FloatGrids Style Sheet in order to FloatGrids to work properly