Customize Color, font styles, typographies and corners to all the UI components at once.

UI components scene

Use the UI Components scene to get a big picture of all the components so that you can see your changes altogether.
Find the UI Components scene in FloatGrids/Design System/Scenes/UI Components
UI Components scene

FloatGrids Color Palette tool

Go to Window/FloatGrids Color Palette to open it.
FloatGrids Color Palette allows you to use a range of colors throughout all the UI components.
All the UI components in FloatGrids use a color from the FloatGrids Color Palette tool, so if you want to change that color, you can change it and it will be applied to all the UI components that use that color.

Applying tokens to new UI components

You can apply the colors of the FloatGrids Color Palette tool to any image and text via the FloatGrids Token Selector component.
For details about how to use FloatGrids Color Palette please visit Customization​